ABOUT GARY Steinberg

Gary Steinberg is a meditation teacher whose approach includes both silent and relational practice, as well as study. He is a former Executive Director of Metta Programs. He also served as the Director of Online Programs and was a member of Metta’s Teachers’ Council. Gary created Stone Mountain Meditation to individually tailor meditation practice and study for people who are deeply inspired to bring the teachings of the Buddha to the entirety of their lives. 

Gary teaches silent meditation, relational practices including Insight Dialogue and Dharma Contemplation, and other forms of sutta study. His primary focus is to look directly at the teachings of the Buddha and to reimagine and cultivate practices we can do together. We cultivate community, nurture skillful qualities of mind, and seek wisdom that is pragmatic and readily available. 

In addition, he has taught meditation to elementary school, middle school, high school, and college students. Gary has studied and practiced meditation since 1990 under the guidance of a variety of teachers, including Gregory Kramer, Achan Sobin Namato, Venerable Punnaji, Michal Olds, Kenneth Folk, and Bhikkhu Bodhi.